Once again this year, we at Action Products were happy to read the U.S. News & World Report’s 2019-2020 Best Hospitals rankings, discovering that well over 90% of those hospitals are users of our products.

This is actually U.S. News’ 30th year producing hospital rankings. There are actually five different lists, including:

  • Best Hospitals Specialty Rankings
  • Best Hospitals Procedure and Condition Ratings
  • Best Hospitals Honor Roll
  • Best Regional Hospitals
  • Best Children’s Hospitals 

U.S. News editors explain that “rankings are a tool that can help patients find sources of especially skilled inpatient care”, while being careful to correct the misconception that only teaching hospitals are eligible to be ranked. The 2019-20 rankings, in fact, began with 4,653 hospitals, representing virtually all U.S. community inpatient facilities, with eligibility for consideration based on any of the following four criteria:

  • the hospital has a minimum of 200 beds set up and staffed
  • the hospital has a minimum of 100 beds, offering at least four of eight advanced technologies (such as PET/CT and radiation therapy)
  • it is a teaching hospital
  • the hospital is affiliated with a medical school

This year, the editors explain, U.S. News updated its methodology in determining the rankings in three ways:

  1. Patient centered measures were added in each specialty, examining patient experience scores but also how often patients go directly home from the hospital (rather than transitioning to a nursing home or rehab center).
  2. An enhanced risk-adjustment model was added to help ensure that hospitals which care for sicker patients are not penalized.
  3. Outcome measurement was harmonized with procedures and conditions ratings.

The 2019-20 Honor Roll reads as follows:

1.  Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

2.  Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston

3.  Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

4.  Cleveland Clinic

5.  New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia and Cornell, New York

6.  UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles

7.  UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco

8.  Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles

9.  NYU Langone Hospitals, New York

10. Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago

11. University of Michigan Hospitals-Michigan Medicine, Ann Arbor

12. Stanford Health Care-Stanford Hospital, Stanford, California

13. Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston

14. Mount Sinai Hospital, New York

15. UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside, Pittsburgh

16. Keck Hospital of USC, Los Angeles

17. University of Wisconsin Hospitals, Madison

At Action Products, we were particularly interested in the fact that the new rankings consider how often patients are able to go directly home from the hospital. When patients are not able to be sent directly home, it is often related to pressure injuries, the prevention of which has long been the driving force behind Action’s evidence-based product design. It’s very satisfying for us to know that our company, Action Products, continues to be a supplier for award-winning hospitals!