At Action Products, we feel honored to have our products “embraced” on the cover of the March issue of the AORN Journal (see knee and head supports). In fact, for perioperative nurses, a big part of “embracing action” involves proper patient positioning on the surgical table, and a big part of proper positioning involves selecting the right size positioning product for each patient. (For head support alone, we offer 12 different sizes!

 action products featured in aorn

 In the operating room, stabilized positioning is needed to cradle the delicate head area, while not overextending the neck. While the AORN Journal cover illustrates the supine position, the occipital area must be protected in the lateral, Fowlers, and prone positions as well. The prone position needs extra facial support with room for tube access.  Right-sizing is paramount for optimal surgical outcomes, which is why, at Action Products; we offer such a broad selection of positioners, designed for patients from neonatal to bariatric.

The verb “embrace” actually has three different meanings:

  1. to put your arms around someone to show your love or affection
  2. to accept and support an idea
  3. to include a person, a thing, or idea in a larger group or category

The theme for the 2018 AORN Expo, “Embrace Action: Mind, Body and Spirit” embodies all these meanings of inclusiveness, acceptance, and support of the concepts of excellence in serving patients. At Action Products, we’re all about “embracing and supporting” nurses and their patients!