For nurse professionals, New Year’s resolutions cannot be limited to the nurturing of mind and body alone. The third dimension, Spirit, we believe, continues to play an important role in the continued naming of the nursing profession as “the #1 most trusted profession in our country. As we at Action Products symbolize our own trust and respect for the profession by giving away angel pins at our Expo booth at the AORN Surgical Conference and Expo, our hope is that nurses’ New Year’s resolutions will consider the spiritual aspects of both health and healthcare.

The abstract of a National Institutes of Health paper titled Spiritual Care in Nursing: A Concept Analysis contains the following (and in our opinion, very astute) statement: 

Around the world, spiritual care in nursing is a critical part of providing holistic

care, but within our profession, there is a lack of certainty over the meaning of

spirituality and delivery of spiritual care, including nurses thinking of spirituality as religion.

After analyzing 151 articles and 7 books published between 1950 and 2012 in English and Persian, the authors’ findings led them to conclude that spiritual care is a subjective and dynamic concept of care, integrating all other aspects, and including the following attributes:

  • healing presence
  • therapeutic use of self
  • intuitive sense
  • exploration of the spiritual perspective
  • patient centeredness
  • meaning-centered therapeutic intervention
  • creation of a spiritually nurturing environment

“Nurses’ practice patterns in the area of spiritual care can be grouped into two categories including religious and nonreligious interventions. Non-religious, but spiritual, interventions include:

  • nurses’ presence for patients and their families
  • making direct eye contact when communicating with patients
  • sympathizing with patients and their families
  • listening to patients and their families attentively
  • having love and enthusiasm for patients

Among the “5 “spiritual New Year’s resolutions named by TIME Magazine, the following two stand out to us at Action Products: 

  1. “Take your soul seriously. …Part of who you are is the sum of the influences you choose: what you watch, with whom you associate, how you speak of others….Life is a continuous journey of soul shaping; resolve to keep your deep journey in mind.” 
  2. “Choose someone to forgive…Some people are very hard to forgive, but you need not begin with the toughest cases.  Small acts of grade will grow…The more you forgive, the less the world can injure you.”

The AORN theme “Embrace Action” applies to all of us. At Action Products, our wish for every nursing professional is that you make – and keep - healthy New Year’s resolutions that nurture mind, body, and spirit!