I live in Dallas and have extended family and friends in the Houston area. It has been painful to watch homes and property being destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. Texas is rebuilding thanks to the generous support of other states and the determination of the people of Texas.

When a natural disaster strikes your first thoughts are with the people attemting to learn what became of family, friends, pets and their homes. My thoughts then went to the patients who were being cared for at the hospitals in Houston and other small cities and towns. The news reported story after story of nurses who were tired but would not leave their hospitals. They needed to be with their own families. The nurses and their love ones understood that the care of the sick was their priority until relief arrived.

Amazing nurses, doctors and volunteers from all over the United States offered their Helping Hands. They came and were welcomed. These people provided the relieve needed to provide continued care for so many patients. I join Action Products, Inc. in thanking all the dedicated hospital workers and volunteers for their commitment.

Houston harvey aftermath