We are all aware of  the variety of factors that impact the degree of risk for injury related to positioning a patient on a fracture table plate. The primary reason for placing a patient in a specific surgical position is to allow the surgeon to best access the operative site. The anesthesia and the type and length of the surgical procedure is always a consideration, as well as the patient’s overall health factors and conditions.

Action Products, Inc. designed a fracture table hip pad with the primary function to reduce pressure and shear at the sacral area, scrotum and upper leg areas. You may be interested in an added benefit, the diameter post hole will accommodate perineal posts. If you and your surgical team would like to eliminate the tedious chore of wrapping and rewrapping the fracture table post with various makeshift items such as gauze, towels, etc. please contact our customer service department or request a friendly expert to visit your facility.  

Action Fracture Table Hip Pad