It is common knowledge that surgical patients are vulnerable to pressure injury when positioned on the operating table. Proper positioning is essential to ensure a safe and positive surgical outcome. The entire Surgical Team strives to avoid nerve and skin injury. Proper positioning devices may assist in this goal.

Cited by AORN, the best practices for Pressure Ulcer Prevention include the following: 

  • Provide pressure redistribution and reduce shear effects across entire table surface.
  • Minimize patient movement.
  • Low profile, simple design.
Action Products, Inc.'s 1⁄2” Akton® polymer Knee Crutch Pads designed for maximum effectiveness meets the above stated best practices. The Knee Crutch Pad is available in a variety of sizes and supports a variety of uses. SMALL: For use with small knee, crutch-type stirrups for urology and OB/GYN procedures. Can also be used underneath popliteal area in a variety of applications for pediatric procedures. 9" x 11" x 3/8" (22.9 x 28 x 0.95 cm) MEDIUM: This pad is larger then the model 40402. Suitable uses include padding for the iliac crest, under heels and elbows, and a kidney rest while the patient is in the lateral position. 17" x 11" x 1/4" (43 x 27.9 x 0.6 cm) LARGE: Recommended for use with large urology-type stirrups. Can also be used for similar functions stated for models 40402 & 40403. A highly versatile pressure protection pad with vast utility for any O.R., cysto room or surgi-center. 22" x 20" x 1/2" (56 x 50 x 1.3 cm)
 akton polymer action knee crutch pad 40402