Today, Action Products salutes AORN, the non-profit, 41,000 member association headquartered in Denver, Colorado that represents the interests of more than 160,000 perioperative nurses. AORN members work in management, teaching, research, and practice in the very challenging specialty field of perioperative nursing.

AORN provides:

  • nursing education
  • standards
  • clinical practice resources

All these activities and resources are geared towards enabling optimal outcomes for patients undergoing operative and other invasive procedures. 

Action Products has always been involved with AORN, and the organization’s Recommended Practices for Product Selection is an initiative we all strive to support. Here at Action, our efforts are devoted to providing positioning products for surgical patients, along with pressure ulcer education that supports AORN’s recommended practices of selecting Environmentally Preferred Products.

Our OR mattress overlay pad, which provides pressure ulcer management while meeting a desired healthcare environmental footprint, is just one example of our reusable, surgical patient positioning products. In general, our own corporate mission, promoting safety and optimal outcomes for patients undergoing operative and other invasive procedures, is very much in harmony with that of AORN. 

Healthcare is a field that demands lifelong learning and improvement, and these are certainly values Action Products shares with AORN; we salute the more than 35,000 perioperative nurses who hold the CNOR® nursing credentials.

“Nursing practice requires a commitment to continuing education and the ongoing pursuit of the most up-to-date and accurate information available. Understanding this new information should boost nurse competence, knowledge and skills, which in turn likely will lead to better patient care and positive patient outcomes,” the Jacksonville University website emphasizes. 

Action Products salutes AORN! To get the new guidelines, go to or call 1.800.755.2676.