Yes, we know there are problems. With decades of service to nurses, we at Action Products are well aware of the challenges faced by healthcare professionals. Still, the “listicles” sounded a rather negative drumbeat in our ears: 

  • “4 Problems Nurses Face in the Hospital in 2018” (Spring Arbor University)
  • “5 of the Biggest Issues Nurses Face Today”  (Becker’s Hospital Review)
  • “10 Top Patient Safety Issues Nurses Face Today” (Becker’s Hospital Review)
  • “ 5 Controversial Nursing Issues Nurses Face Today” (Nurseslabs)
  • “Top 10 Concerns of Chief Nursing Officers” (Fierce Healthcare)
  • “Top 7 Professional Challenges Faced by Nurses in the 21st Century” (New Nurse Help)

What are the dangers and problems appearing most often on the lists? 

  • work-related hazards – exposure to chemicals and bloodborne pathogens, back injuries from lifting
  • violent behavior – bullying and harassment by co-workers, patients, or visitors
  • short staffing levels – recruitment and retention issues, resulting in long shifts
  • large wage gaps - declining reimbursements, rising labor costs for contract workers
  • cybersecurity breaches
  • meeting patient expectations of services that cannot be met with existing resources

With the 2018 AORN Expo motto still fresh in our minds, we choose to Embrace Action®. That theme, we believe, embodies inclusiveness, acceptance, and support of every aspect of excellence in the nursing profession. 

As patient care product providers, the practical aspects of taking arms against the “sea of troubles“ include all the following: 

  1. enabling proper patient positioning on the surgical table with right-sized positioners and overlays using materials that do not support bacterial growth (thereby embracing action related to the safety of both patients and perioperative nursing staff)
  2. enabling proper positioning for wheelchair-bound home healthcare patients, reducing pressure injuries, allowing home healthcare nurses to focus on improving overall health outcomes
  3. enabling fluid management in both the surgical suite and in hospitals’ Central Sterilization Departments

“Nursing in America is changing. Bigtime,” writes Kelly Brooks in Johns Hopkins Nursing. “Healthcare is facing unprecedented challenges, and nurses must play a major role in meeting them.” At Action Products, we were encouraged and inspired by the remarks of Janet Davies, director of nursing and service delivery, Royal College of Nursing: 

“Nursing will have a key role in promoting health and keeping people well, as well

As supporting them during times of illness…Nursing will be changing again in the next 50 years, but the fundamentals will be the same.  And despite all the challenges, it will still be a great profession.”