made in the USA

Thought the only places you’d see Action Products put to use are hospitals, nursing facilities, and patient homes?  Think again.

In addition to medically related uses, users of our shock-absorbing Akton® polymer-based product lines now include (just to name a few): military agencies, law enforcement departments, equine sports and shooting sport facilities.  Of course, patient care remains a primary focus for us, and we’re proud that our products are in use worldwide, revolutionizing the patient positioning market.

But, even as we revel in our company’s role in patient care in 58 different countries around the globe, we’re acutely conscious that this month marks the birth of the United States of America. All Action Products are proudly Made in America.

Federal law allows a product to be labeled “Made in America” or “Made in the USA” only if two things are true, The Federal Trade Commission explains:

  1. American manufacturing workers made or assembled the product
  2. All, or virtually all, of the materials that went into the product are of U.S. origin assembly and processing is done in the U.S.

 The experience and innovation of the Action Products staff allow us to take on projects of all types while consistently meeting the highest standards for supply partners of all sizes and in many different industries, Our manufacturing capabilities are enabled by our:

  • fully-staffed engineering and R&D departments
  • 3-D CAD modeling
  • SLA and CNC machining
  • Pressure mapping laboratory
  • mold making expertise
  • regulatory compliance department with FDA experience
  • Lean manufacturing facility

 A “Made in the U.S.” tag means a higher quality product. As just one example, in a pilot study done at the biomechanics lab of the New York State Rehabilitation & Research Hospital, engineering tests simulated the forces, motions, and pressures developed by patients sitting on cushions. The Action® Contoured Flotation Pad was given the highest score out of two dozen cushions tested. “Performance ultimately rests with the material used inside the cushion,” was the conclusion, and Akton® polymer gel-filled pads performed best in terms of:

  • diffusing and distributing pressure
  • keeping shear forces low
  • being washable and sanitizable
  • being non-leaking


As we celebrate the birthday of the United States of America, we’re proud to note that Action Products, made of Akton® polymer gel, are Made in America.