pressure pointSurgical Teams across the country are seeking pressure relieving and redistributing devices to prevent the development of pressure ulcers and shear for their patients who are at high risk. "Hot spots" need to be prevented as they act as a catalyst for decubiti. The products selected are usually different types of mattresses and/or overlays which assist in reducing or redistributing pressure, friction and heat.

Action Products, Inc. has addressed this concern with our Original Series Replacement Table Pad. Our exposed Akton® polymer gel surface provides the desired shear benefit which is unparalleled in the industry. In order to preserve skin integrity, we utilized an exclusive, soft, 360° multi-directional stretch film cover. Additional benefits include a superior infection control design, a repairable polymer top and a high-density foam base that maximizes stability. 

Please contact us to access clinical studies supporting the recommendation of Akton® viscoelastic polymer gel overlay atop foam for effective pressure redistribution.