We thought we would share some insights to wrap up Nurses Week 2018! 

Remember the why...pediatric nursing

Sometimes, Linda Laskowski-Jones writes in Nursing 2018, nurses need to just – stop. Amid all the important items on their agendas for the day, nurses need to reconnect with the purpose that originally drove them to enter and serve the nursing profession.

Having just returned from the 2018 AORN Expo ready to “embrace action”, here at Action Products, we take Laskowski-Jones’ words as an apt reminder that embracing action needs to include exploring and embracing purpose. “It’s easy,” the editor-in-chief cautions, “to get into a routine doing the same thing each day without reflecting on your personal ‘why’”.

Today’s nurses, for example, are of necessity involved in much more than patient care.  In “The business of caring: what every nurse should know about cutting costs”, Rose Sherman notes that “like it or not, health care is a business, one that’s under tremendous pressure to cut costs.” Nurses need to become financially savvy, she concludes.

AORN also discusses the role of nurses in determining product quality and cost, offering criteria its nurse members can use in determining whether to purchase single-use or reusable products. (In fact, Action Products supplies reusable pads and positioners made with Akton® viscoelastic gel along with single-use DryMax Fluid Management products.)

Many nurses, Laskowski-Jones points out, chose nursing due to their perception of career stability, with a “high level of job security, variety, and portability”, coupled with a desire to help people. Still, some roles are not a good fit for some “whys”, she observes.  Nurses whose “why” involves building long-term, therapeutic relationships with patients may find perioperative nursing unfulfilling, for example.

It is undoubtedly true that “as a nurse, you need to understand how patient care outcomes affect your employer’s bottom line,” (as Rose Sherman emphasizes and as we work hard to help accomplish in our product manufacturing). In the face of these new nursing realities, however, we find ourselves heartened by Linda Laskowski-Jones’ reminder:  Embrace action through remembering the “why” – the rest will follow.