Positioning patients for orthopedic procedures require assessing the patient’s health, physical limitations, and any prior injuries. It is beneficial to check all equipment and ensure the proper pads and positioners are readily available. The top priority of any Surgical Team is safe and quality patient care. Orthopedic surgery often requires unorthodox methods of positioning patients. Each patient requires unique positioning based on the type of orthopedic surgery. The surgeon’s positioning preference also should be a consideration.

A basic understanding of the pads and positioners requested by the Surgical Team is vital. Correct use of the positioners and devices used for a specific orthopedic surgery will assist in protecting the patient and staff members from injury.

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 action products wilson frame cover 

  Action® Specialty Frame Pads provide comfort and stability for highly specialized surgeries. Shown in photo: Wilson Frame,

  O.R Overlay Small, Supine Head Pad, Donut Head Pad and various Chest Rolls.