November is a month for recognition and for thanks. As highlighted in an earlier blog post, this month our nation honors its many family caregivers.  Then, every November since 1919, we mark the end of the “Great War” with Veterans Day. (Usually observed on November 11th, Veteran’s day happens to fall on a Saturday; the federal holiday will be observed on Friday the 10th.). And of course, November ends with Thanksgiving.  The event Americans call “the first Thanksgiving” was observed by the Pilgrims in 1621 following their first harvest in the New World.

November has been declared the month to remember and honor in many other ways as well, the website reminds us.  November is:

  • Child Safety Protection Month
  • National Adoption Awareness Month
  • National Diabetes Awareness Month
  • National Epilepsy Month
  • Native American Heritage Month

On the lighter side, the website informs us, the first Thursday of November has actually been named “Men Make Dinner Day”.

To all of us at Action Products, there’s one week in November that we find particularly important in terms of both recognition and thanks. Perioperative Nurse Week, which this year falls on the week of November 12 – 18, is a time for perioperative nurses to honor colleagues, mentors, and team members – and for all of us to honor them. Many will find it appropriate to make a donation to the AORN Foundation to help support the educational programs used to train future generations of perioperative nurses.

It’s hardly a coincidence, we believe, that one very special November observance falls within Perioperative Nurse Week: the 2017 World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day is to be celebrated on November 16th. The prevention of pressure injuries, always a goal related to patient comfort and safety during surgery, has become a prominent issue in Medicare reimbursement rulings. At Action Products, providing anti-skid material to minimize patient movement, maximize pressure distribution and prevent shearing during surgery is a primary goal.

The “STOP!  PRESSURE INJURIES” poster issued by NPUAP emphasizes three steps:

  1. Implement preventative strategies
  2. Document, document, document
  3. Refer to international pressure ulcer guidelines

November is indeed the month for recognition and thanks. At Action, we thank our perioperative nurse professionals, along with all who work together to better understand and prevent patient pressure injuries.

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