For bed-ridden patients, in both hospital and home settings, maintaining skin integrity is all-important. Any break in the skin puts the patient at risk for many complications, including infection. Keeping the skin clean, lubricating and soothing with hypoallergenic moisturizers, and using a mattress overlay pad are all ways to lower the risk of the patient developing pressure ulcers. Since Action Products mattress overlay pads are made of Akton® polymer, they do not promote bacterial growth and are therefore reuseable.

In fact, included on Page E12 of the AORN Guideline for Positioning the Patient – May 2017 is a significant observation about mattress overlays: 

“In a non-experimental study conducted in a university medical center in Canada, the researchers found that the use of the viscoelastic gel overlay during procedures lasting 90 minutes or longer decreased the incidence of postoperative pressure injury by 0.51% and resulting in an overall cost savings of $46 for patient ($38.23 in 2017 US dollars).”

action akton polymer gel overlay

The O.R. Overlay is especially appropriate for procedures lasting more than an hour, as well as for patients with circulatory problems.

  • Small size:  leg extension for OB/GYN procedures & rectoscopy support for proctology procedure
  • Medium size: open heart cases and pediatric procedures
  • Full-length: thoracic and abdominal procedures.

When it comes to cost savings, the AORN Guidelines appear to be referring to cost savings derived by avoiding the need for after-the fact pressure injury and infection care.  In addition, to those benefits, however, there are cost savings to be realized throughout the healthcare system through the use of reusable products.

From the home health care setting to the O.R., there is no question that one way of saving dollars and reducing waste is to convert from disposable to reusable products. In an earlier post we cited an observation by one RN that switching from foam to gel positioners made available a great deal of warehouse space!

The World Health Organization urges the use of reusables over single-use items. Reusability is a major advantage of Action Products positioners as well as of the mattress overlays. Both lines feature products which::

  • do not leak, flow, or absorb fluids
  • are eco-friendly
  • do not support bacterial growth
  • free of latex, plasticizers, and silicone

It’s a “two-fer” benefit – mattress overlays help maintain skin integrity AND contain costs, too!