While walking the Exhibitors Floor during the upcoming AORN EXPO, April 6-10, 2019, please visit the Action Products Booth, # 714, to learn how our Dry Max Fluid Management System adheres to the OSHA, JCAHO and CMS standard regulations. Our Fluid Management System also follows AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice which provide a standardized perioperative foundation to help deliver safe patient care and achieve workplace safety. 

The DryMax line of fluid waste management floor mats, specifically designed to maximize both safety in the OR and fluid management for OR, procedure room, and sink areas, includes four product groups:

DryMax 2.4

Superabsorbent single-use mat, absorbent on both sides, 9 liter capacity.

DryMax Triple - patented

Can be folded to protect equipment, or placed alongside the OR table. 15 liter capacity.

DryMax XL

Non-skid, suitable for use under stools or standing on.  Use in OR and in front of sinks.

DryMax Combimat - patented

Combo of 2.4 and XL features, anti-skid, multi-fluent absorbent, “Splash Guard” to protect feet &/or equipment