DME Wheelchair cushion


Prevention of pressure injuries, plain and simple, involve redistributing a patients’ body weight.  Here at Action Products, we focus on creating and customizing pressure-relieving and weight-redistributing devices and products. Those include different types and sizes of medical products, including mattresses, overlays, cushions and seating. The goal - reduce pressure, friction, and shear.

While surgical patients have an especially high risk of developing HAPUs (hospital-acquired pressure ulcers) and DTIs (deep tissue injuries), we know, the prevention of pressure injury in facility and home health care patients poses its own unique challenges.

           Christopher Reeve, the 6’4” tall, 218 pound American actor, best-known for portraying

           Superman, was left quadriplegic after being thrown from a horse at an equestrian competition

            in Virginia. Reeve spent the remaining nine years of his life as a spinal cord injury patient,

           needing a wheelchair and portable ventilator.

            World-renowed physicist Stephen Hawking, an ALS patient who died in 2018, in contrast,

            was only 5’6 tall, and weighed only 137 pounds. Hawking became gradually paralyzed and

            spent much of his life in a wheelchair.

 “Medical devices used in home health care need to be appropriate for the people who use them and for the environments in which they are used,” explains Molly Folette Story, senior program officer at the National Research Council. Seating, bedding, and positioning devices need to be appropriate for the body size and weight of each patient.

"Wheelchair users face an especially insidious threat: having to sit all day," states the Rolling Without Limits website. “When you sit for more than eight hours each day, your blood flows less efficiently, and that situation can deprive your cells of nutrients and oxygen.” Skin breakdown happens when pressure decreases blood flow to the skin.  Unrelieved pressure is the most common cause of pressure sores in SCI (spinal cord injury). “Because you may not be able to feel discomfort or pain after a spinal cord injury, you cannot depend on your sensation of pressure to cue you to move or shift weight to relieve pressure.”

Action Products’ home medical products are specifically designed for pressure redistribution:

  • Akton® viscoelastic polymer maximizes redistribution and shear prevention
  • 360 degree multi-directional stretch film cover preserves skin integrity
  • Heat is re-distributed to help prevent pressure injuries

The long and the short of it - rightsizing is important for patient comfort and prevention of pressure injury. The Action Products line includes wheelchair cushions and mattress overlays, each created in several different sizes. Our products can be customized to fit a patient’s special needs.

Height, weight, and disabilities are different for different patients. To redistribute weight and alleviate pressure, the products must fit the patient!