Hadassah Celebration 100 years

Some things haven’t changed over the past 100 years, Wendy Elliman writes in Hadassah Magazine, but nursing education certainly has.

Back in 1921, the first graduates of the Hadassah Nursing School were called upon to serve with “a conscience beyond appeal” and to be calm in self-evaluation, with balanced judgment and great strength.  Today, Miri Rom, dean of the Henrietta Szold Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Nursing explains, in addition to developing those traits, nurses are required to exercise judgment, critical thinking, communication, and decision-making. Bedside nursing with skilled and educated nurses, Elliman reflects, has replaced bedpan nursing. 

At the Israeli school of nursing, celebrating its centennial in 2018, the years have seen tremendous advances, she adds – “Think genetics, antibiotics and regenerative medicine, bio-and nano-technologies, computers, nuclear energy, and feminism. It took decades, both in Israel and worldwide, for it to be understood that technologically sophisticated health care needs academically educated nurses, and “nursing was one of the last health disciplines to shift from vocation to profession,” according to  Rom, one of Israel’s first academic nurses. In 2001, the school introduced a clinical Master of Science program in nursing; in 2016 the school opened its Ph.D. program. Today, many of today’s Hadassah nursing students are veterans of the Israel Defense Forces, and 13% of them are men (this compares to 9% in the U.S.).

“Nursing is an applied discipline that is implemented differently based upon the social, political, and cultural climate within which it is practiced,” Susan L. Jones, PhD, RN. and Harriet Coeling, PhD, RN. reflect in the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. In Israel, Hadassah nursing students mirror the larger demographics of Israeli society, Elliman stresses, with Ethiopian immigrants studying alongside ultra-Orthodox Jews, and Arabs.

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 Happy Birthday, Hadassah!