Healthy Food Choices

Have you heard of the “Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™" and their Grand Challenge? It is an initiative to connect and engage nurses, employers, and organizations around improving health in five areas: physical activity, nutrition, rest, quality of life, and safety.

Nurses are great role models for their patients, colleagues, families, neighbors and friends. Nurses often have the responsibility of teaching patients how to care for themselves. They offer post-operative instructions, answer questions about medications, and may even discuss long-term lifestyle changes required to manage and prevent chronic diseases. These changes usually involve proper hydration and good nutrition. Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ stresses that nurses  understand the importance of following the healthy living guidelines they teach their patients. They understand that good mental and physical health is vital to ensure the best care for their patients.

Today, let us focus on the importance of hydration and nutrition.

Since nurses work long hours and their patient workload is increasing, eating well is a significant challenge and nurses often feel they do not have time to eat properly. Many nurses cite stress as a reason for skipping meals. But many options for healthy meals may take as little as 30 seconds to prepare. Healthy eating aids weight management and can lead to improved work performance. By preparing adequately and staying committed, results will follow.

No two shifts are alike. During some shifts, nurses might not be able to sit down for a break. When this occurs, try to find at least a few minutes to grab a healthy snack. It may be easier to take your own healthy meals and snacks to work.

Adequate hydration is also important to a nurse’s overall health. Water carries nutrients throughout the body and also removes waste. Dehydration may cause stress to the heart, increase core body temperature, and contribute to fatigue. Taking a large water bottle to work may be a good first step.

Action Products, Inc. is encouraged by the efforts of Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™.