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Fluid Waste Management Floor Mats 

  • Safer work environment reduces slips, trips and falls
  • Improves clean up efficiency for faster turnover times
  • Perfect fluid management for operating room, procedure or sink areas
  • Great for Orthopedics, Urology, Labor & Delivery, Central Sterilization and more
  • Adheres to OSHA, JCAHO and CMS standard regulations
  • Learn more about Fluid Containment in the Operating Room
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Please note that these products are available from Action Products in the
USA only.

DryMax 2.4

DryMax 2.4 - superabsorbent
*9 liter capacity
*Small but mighty, ultra-thin mat  
*Absorbs and traps fluid from both sides


DryMax TRIPLE - superabsorbent

*15 liter capacity
*Flexible 3-part mat
*Absorbs and traps fluid from both sides


DryMax XL

DryMax XL - absorbent
*Anti-skid design improves safety
*Can be placed under a stool
*Absorbs wide range of fluids


DryMax COMBIMAT - flexible absorbent
*Flexible absorbent
*Anti-skid barrier
*"Slash Guard" to protect feet and equipment