Support Surface

In 1997, the Action® Composite O.R. Replacement Pad was born. This innovative pad, with Shear Smart® protection, has been re-engineered to accommodate the new O.R. world we live in. Now, Action has a complete range of table pads to accommodate the operating rooms need to deliver clinically engineered infection control with our consistent pressure management design that makes us famous. Action® table pads and stretchers provide exactly what you want at the price you need.




Support Surface Features

4-Way Stretch Fabric

  • Use for heavy frames
  • Familiar stretch surface
  • Bacteria/microbe resistant solution in fibers of fabric

Akton Polymer

  • Best shearing qualities
  • 360 stretch surface
  • Enhances patient stability
  • Controls temperature
  • Redistributes weight
  • Repairable
  • Bacteria/microbe resistant