One very important service AORN provides to its members is in the form of perioperative guidelines.  There’s the AORN-approved Guideline for Medical Device and Product Evaluation, for example, and the AORN Guideline for Positioning the Patient. But in addition to those and the many other best practices guidelines offered by AORN, at the upcoming Global Surgical Conference & Expo, three well-known keynote speakers will be discussing “guidelines” of a different sort. Call them “people guidelines”.

“The sad reality is nurses ‘accept’ health problems that come from the physical and emotional demands of the profession, and while caring for others often do not care for themselves,” Susan Letvak, Ph.D., RN, FAAN writes in the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. “While the health of nurses is important to nurses themselves,” Letvak emphasizes, “it is also important for quality of care.” 

  • “The heart and profit center of every business is about how people think, and consequently feel about themselves, and how they make others feel…This goes for hospitals, too.”  Keynote speaker Amanda Gore offers guidelines and tools to create deep and lasting relationships with family, patients, and colleagues.
  • An expert on the psychology of leadership, change, accountability and engagement, Connie Podesta will offer guidelines and take-away strategies taking care of you as you lead – or work as a member of – patient care teams.
  • Today’s nursing workforce includes staff and leaders from four different generations. AORN Foundation general session speaker Bruce Tulgari, recognized as the leading expert on young people in the workplace, will share insights from his years of research and training, offering guidelines for reducing conflict and maximizing every team members’ contributions.

“Everything about health care is complex. There are complex care processes, complex healthcare technologies, complex patient needs and responses to therapeutic interventions, and complex organizations,” begins the article Nurses at the ‘Sharp End’ of Patient Care. For that very reason, AORN guidelines are devoted to improving the quality and safety of patient care.

Also for that very reason, the 2018 AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo is offering guidelines for the health and well-being of nurses.

At Action Products, where our motto is “Making a Material Difference®,” we salute AORN’s recognition of nurse health safety along with patient health and safety. We hope you’ll visit our booth at the Expo and take hope your collector edition Nurse Angel pin. Our representatives are excited to attend, along with you, the keynote sessions focused on “guidelines of a different sort”! #AORN2019 #EmbraceAction

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